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Baby Swaddle Wraps by Woombie & Mod Swad

New parents know how valuable every hour of sleep is when you’re taking care of a tiny baby. It can take some time for little ones to sleep for longer than a couple hours at a time. But with one of our Woombie swaddles for newborns, you’ll be able to speed up that process, meaning more sleep for both baby and you.

Woombie swaddles are the safest, most natural way to give your baby that snug, cocoon-like comfort he or she needs to get a good night’s rest. Made with soft, stretchy material, Woombie swaddles allow your baby to stretch and move while still keeping him or her in a cozy bundle for optimal rest. We also offer a number of additional items made by Woombie, including a wide selection of teething “chewlery.”

Our collection of fashionable Mod Swad swaddles – produced by a division of Woombie – are also available here in several materials and colors. Whether you’re looking for a light bamboo option or a warmer Merino wool version of our comfy swaddles, you’ll find exactly what you need right here. Look no further for where to buy Woombie baby gear – place your order with Chotobaby today!

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Woombie Organic Air Tee
Our Price: $32.99
Woombie Convertible
Our Price: $45.99
Woombie Cuddle Cape
Our Price: $45.99
Woombie Deluxe
Our Price: $39.99
Woombie Hat
Our Price: $15.99
Mod Swad Bamboo Sleeper
Our Price: $55.99
Mod Swad Hat- Flower
Our Price: $27.99
Mod Swad Hat - Knots
Our Price: $23.99
Mod Swad Merino
Our Price: $59.99
Mod Swad Bamboo
Our Price: $53.99
Woombie Leggies Style
Our Price: $32.99
Woombie Li'l Animal Swad
Our Price: $51.99
Woombie Organic
Our Price: $46.99
The Original Woombie
Our Price: $42.99
Woombie The Eco Donut
Our Price: $61.99
Woombie Air
Our Price: $42.99
Woombie Houdini
Our Price: $29.99
Woombie Lil'Peanut Doll
Our Price: $27.99
Woombie Wrap & Snap
Our Price: $42.99
Woombie Fancy & Fabulous
Our Price: $39.99
Woombie Little Stud
Our Price: $39.99